A collection of sketches and drawings done at conventions, signings or appearances. If you have a sketch you'd like to 'donate' to the sketchbook, just send us a JPEG (make sure it is at least 500 pixels in height for good quality) and you'll get credit.
Aquaman &
Lagoon Boy
Batgirl Batman Batman Battle Pope
Beast Black Cat Black Cat Cheetah Defenders
Dragon Dragon Dragon Dragon Dr. Strange
Incredible Hulk Incredible Hulk Incredible Hulk Incredible Hulk Incredible Hulk
Guy & Duder Human Torch &
Lobo NightVeil Powergirl
Rapture Robin Sandmen Self-Portrait The Shadow
Smasher Spider-Man Spider-Man Spider-Man Spider-Man
Supergirl SuperPatriot Swamp Thing Thing vs. Dragon Thor
Vanguard &
Vanguard Venom Widow Widow
Widow Wolverine Wonder Woman Yoda Zeek
Silver Surfer vs. Green Lantern Savage Dragon and the Fantastic Four (Three?) Savage Dragon and Spider-Man Venom (pencils & inks)  
Batgirl Fantastic Four Flash Mercury vs.
The Dragon
Spider-Man Spider-Man
CREDITS (if available):
Battle Pope (Robert Kirkman), Batgirl, Dragon 4, Thing vs. Dragon, Dragon and the FF, GL vs. Silver Surfer and Alex & Dragon (Doug Miller), Batman, Cheetah, The Defenders, Hulk 1, Swamp Thing and Zeek (Mark Englert), Hulk 2 (Chris Bailey), Fantastic Four, Guy & Duder, Hulk 3, Torch & Iceman, Lobo, Spider-Man and Vanguard & SuperPatriot (Jim Demonakos), Vanguard (Casey Bruce), Rapture & Dragon 2 (Gary Lau), Smasher (Seth Scafani), Dragon 3 & Thor (George Demonakos), Aquaman and Lagoon Boy (Brian Meredith), Batman & Hulk 4 (Eduardo Sanson), Flash Mercury vs. The Dragon (Joe Keatinge), Wonder Woman (Jennifer Yarborough), Spider-Man 2 (Roger Nagaoka), Wolverine (Jeroen Bottema), Venom (Jacob Baake), Venom and Spider-Man/Savage Dragon (George Hage), NightVeil & Spider-Man 3 (eBay), Self-Portrait (Tom Miller). All characters © their respective owners.

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